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Tulsa’s Collaboratorium

City leaders recently announced a new resource to grow Tulsa’s economy.  The Collaboratorium is a networking center for the area’s brightest minds to share ideas.  Kanbar Properties donated an entire floor inside the Old Manhattan building for new entrepreneurs to launch their businesses.

Those wanting to join will pay rental fees at a discounted rate. More than 20 coaches will offer businesses workshops and educational programs.

A start-up itself, The Collaboratorium is a non-traditional entrepreneurial resource center designed to provide discounted shared space, hands-on business coaching, education, networking, and access to the specific resources that will grow your business. We are focused on growing entrepreneurs and businesses that make Tulsa a unique and exceptional place to live, work and play.

If you are an entrepreneur operating a business in Tulsa or one with a good idea for a business you qualify to apply for participation in the Collaboratorium Entrepreneurial Accelerator.

The application process is simple:

1) Submitting your business plan to the Collaboratorium Chair. Your business plan becomes your application form. (All business plans are held in confidence)

2) An interview, based upon meeting minimum criteria will be scheduled after receipt of business plan.

This week, the city will present its Entrepreneurial Spirit Award during Global Entrepreneurship Week.  The winner will get free office space in the Collaboratorium for one year.

[ Via News on 6 and KJRH ]

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November 18th, 2008




  1. Impressive… Hope it turns into something fruitful. :)

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