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Tulsa Bike Trails and Free Bike Rentals

Tulsa Bike Trails

A group called INCOG has created a new online trail finder for bike-enthusiasts. Now finding new bike trails in Tulsa is fairly easy to do thanks to their in-depth maps and information. [ Via News on 6 ]

Discover one of the ten major trails:

Tulsa Townies – Free Bike Rentals

If you are strapped for wheels, The Warren Medical Research Foundation is providing free bicycles for use at 4 different locations on the Riverparks Trail System.

The “Tulsa Townies” are single gear comfort bikes. They are free to use, but require a credit card as a security measure to ensure that bicycles are returned. Bicycles can be picked up and returned from any of the 4 locations for free as long as they are returned within 24 hours.

There is a fleet of 75 bikes available for use. The bicycles are pink to honor St. Francis Health System and discourage theft. Cute huh?

Rental Bike Locations

  • River City Park (Sand Springs)
  • 21st & Riverside
  • 41st & Riverside
  • 96th & Riverside
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August 8th, 2008


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