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Real Gas Stations in Tulsa

As a follow-up from my last post on gasoline in Oklahoma, I wanted to post of list of stations here in Tulsa that use 100% gasoline, no ethanol. In case you didn’t know, using gasoline that contains no ethanol can improve your gas mileage by up to 18%. Unfortunately, this list could change because gas stations are independently owned; meaning it’s possible for them to switch to a blend at any time. Thus, your motto should be, “always check the pump before filling up.”

List of Stations Selling 100% Gasoline

* Shell Station at 41st and Yale in Tulsa
* Peep’s on E. 71st west of 273rd East Ave
* Sinclair on W. Edison in Gilcrease Hills West shopping center
* Conoco at 31st and Jamestown
* Phillips at 21st and Lewis
* Shell Station in Owasso off 86th st North
* Tiger’s Food Mart at 1243 E. Main in Cushing, OK
* Bill’s E-Z Out at 1107 E. Main in Cushing, OK
* MJK Phillips 66 at 15275 S. Memorial Dr. in Bixby
* Phillips (Paradise Car Wash) at 71st and Mingo
* Moe’s Citgo at 547 S Lewis Ave
* Sinclair Station in Glenpool, OK 1/2 mile east of hwy 75 on 141st St
* Sinclair Station at Pine and Sheridan
* Phillips 66 at 131st and 145th in Broken Arrow, OK
* Conoco at 81st & Elm in Broken Arrow
* Pit Stop, 102 North Main Street Jennings, OK
* John’s Berryhill Food Mkt, 3031 S 65th West Ave Tulsa
* Phillips 66 Food Plaza, 12602 East 31st Street, Tulsa
* Phillips in Claremore on Hwy 88 near RSU
* Zigeez Phillips 66 station at 421 N Main in Bristow
* Rascals in Haskell
* Five-Eleven Convenience Store, 1535 So. Main Broken Arrow
* J-Food Mart at 604 W. Main Jenks
* Smitty’s Convenience store on N. 66 Hwy, Claremore
* O.D.’s Fast Stop Phillips 66 at Blue Starr and Chambers in Claremore
* Les’s Service Station 306 W Caddo in Cleveland, Ok
* Jim’s One Stop, 8221 S. Elm Broken Arrow

(as of 7/22/08)

[ Via News on 6 ]

Photo credit: illtakeyourphoto

* UPDATE (08/01/08)
The Oklahoma Legislature now requires service stations selling ethanol to post an orange sticker on the pump.

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July 24th, 2008



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